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10 reasons why managed printer software is right for any size of business

Posted: 16 Aug 2016

There is a perception that managed print is just for big businesses. Here we explain why it is a suitable tool for all businesses that can be used to save money, reduce waste and free-up your support resources.

While Managed Printer Software (MPS) is often associated with larger enterprises, the benefits scale down for smaller businesses as well. By outsourcing your printer management, with one company providing printers, cartridges, strategy and support, it’s possible to reduce costs dramatically, cut down on waste and improve your business productivity. Sound’s good? Well, here are ten more detailed reasons to consider MPS. 

1. Reduce your printer count

When you implement MPS, the process starts with an analysis of your existing setup. Does one team need a photocopier and a laser printer when a multi-function printer could do the same job with a reduced ink cartridge requirement and with higher energy efficiency rating? Are those compact printers being used by managers really necessary, or could you save money by opting for more cost-efficient network models? Are separate monochrome and colour printers a better fit for one team than a single colour laser? Your MPS provider can help you answer these questions with hard data, and reduce your printer count significantly, with cost savings to match.

2. Cut down on waste

With the right printers, management tools and strategy in place, MPS can transform the way your business prints, setting up hardware and software so that fewer print jobs end up with wasted paper, and so that features like duplex printing or pull-print – where the job only prints once the user authorises it at the printer – become the norm. The results? Less wasted ink, less wasted paper and a reduced environmental impact.

3. Consolidate your printers, cartridges and your support

With one printer and cartridges supplier you benefit from having common features and controls, plus having just one source of toner cartridges and a single contact to deal with should anything go wrong.

4. Rid yourself of your cartridge headache

There is no need to monitor your ink supplies if cartridge procurement happens automatically, and at a highly competitive cost. With a good MPS provider you’ll also get high quality, branded (original or remanufactured) cartridges, ensuring great prints and maximising reliability. 

5. Make costs predicable

Did you know that can effectively lease printers instead of buying them, ensuring that you’re never stuck with old models that let you down? With MPS, you know what exactly what you’re spending every month, and will always have the use of a current machine.

6. Free up your support resources

Smaller businesses have smaller IT support teams, and in some instances, no dedicated support at all. Adopt MPS and all the support calls and all the time spent managing and replacing toner cartridges disappears. With on-site support and quick response times, you can keep disruption to a minimum, and free-up your support team to focus on more business related tasks. 

7. Develop a print strategy

Real-time analysis is a major plus-point of MPS. A good provider can give you regular reports, enabling you to tweak your workflow, look again at your printer requirements, and check that end-users are using your resources effectively. Are certain users hogging a networked printer, or wasting ink and paper for personal use? Are they adhering to your policies for duplex printing, colour printing or printing at draft quality?

8. Minimise downtime

Paper-feed problems, ink and toner shortages, drive problems and breakdowns are all issues that you don’t want to deal with, least of all when you have urgent deadlines. With MPS, downtime is minimised. It’s your provider’s responsibility to ensure that your printers and multi-function devices are in tip-top working order, and that you have all the cartridge they need. If they aren’t or you don’t, then it’s their job to fix that situation - fast.

9. Improve security

One of the problems with unmanaged print is that it’s all too easy for users to print sensitive documents and leave them lying in the printer tray. Chances are, you’ll never know. With MPS, management tools make it easier to track print jobs and encourage secure practices, including pull print. The whole strategy helps staff to think about what they’re printing, how they’re printing it and why.

10. Reduce your printing costs

The net effect of so many of these benefits should be a significant reduction in printing costs. You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t really track the cost of printing, and how much they could save with a different strategy. MPS puts all the pieces together to help your business cut its expenditure on printing. Studies have shown that MPS can in fact save businesses up to 30% on their printing costs.

For more information on MPS and details on how you can get a free MPS software solution for your organisation, call the I-Tel customer service team on 029 2049 2111.

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