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Meet Laser Boy!

"Giving workplace productivity a super boost"

Laser Boy is always ready to assign a red alert to any printing problem. His fear of inefficiency means he is always equipped with the cartridges, printers, laptops and business supplies needed to keep business cogs turning smoothly.



Meet Professor Ink!

"Hitting the highest printing standards"

Professor Ink concocts the finest formulas for our remanufactured cartridges, so each and every one exceeds expectation and ticks the ISO box. A bright future awaits anyone who meets him.



Meet Miss Magenta!

“Injecting a splash of colour into customer service”

Miss Magenta is always ready to lend an ear to any cartridge woes. With her bright smile and infectious enthusiasm for righting cartridge wrongs, she is quick to maximise the powers of her fellow superhero comrades when duty calls.



Meet Enviro Man!

"Fighting cartridge crimes against the environment"

Enviro Man works tirelessly not only for humankind, but for the very future of the planet itself. He travels far and wide to prevent everyday ink cartridges from entering landfill, scattering recycling boxes across the land.



Meet Captain Cartridge!

"Preventing businesses forking out a fortune on printer cartridges"

Captain Cartridge works endlessly to drive down the cost of printing, and passes on serious cost savings to customers, day-in, day-out. Saving those who pay too much for their printer ink comes with the territory.



Meet The Cartridge Kid!

"Going above and beyond to save the day"

The Cartridge Kid scales any height to get cartridges where they need to be in super quick time. Ready to leave the minute he receives a distress call, those at risk of running on empty are always a priority.